DreamSpace Academy is a Community Innovation Center to tackle authentic socio-economic and environmental challenges using Project Based Learning (PBL).

Our mission is to empower creative minds through Maker Education, to create innovative solutions using Open Innovation, and ultimately leading them to become successful social entrepreneurs.

  • Project Based Learning

    Efficient learning achieved through Maker Education

  • Community Innovation

    Open Innovations to tackle authentic social and environmental problems

  • International Collaboration

    Mentorship from international experts, research institutions & universities

  • Entrepreneurship

    Realization of ideas into products to create sustainable businesses


  • Maker Education
    Idea to Prototype

    14+ Years olds
    64 Hours
  • Design Thinking
    User Centric Problem Solving

    18+ Years olds
    60 Hours
  • Entrepreneurship
    Prototype to Product

    18+ Years olds
    24 Hours
  • Design For Manufacturing
    Prototype to Mass Production
    18+ Years olds
    12 Hours



  • DreamSpace Academy <> BookBridge
  • DreamSpace Academy <> Sri Lanka Scout Association
  • DreamSpace Academy <> UN Volunteers Sri Lanka
  • DreamSpace Academy <> Sagacious Youth Lead Consortium Sri Lanka
  • DreamSpace Academy <> MotionLab Berlin
  • DreamSpace Academy <> Centre for Peacebuilding and Reconciliation